What can you expect from your financial adviser?

The service we offer is a little different to other investment providers on the market, so in this blog we tell you exactly what you can expect from one of our advisers when you invest with us...

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Being able to provide you, our customers, with the support you need to make the right financial decisions to reach your goals is so important to us. To do that we combine the technology of our advice platform, with the expert knowledge of our qualified financial advisers to ensure you get the ongoing support you need to achieve your financial goals. Here's what to expect from your advisers when investing with OpenMoney:

A dedicated adviser

Each and every one of our customers receives a dedicated financial adviser when going through our investment journey. We believe in building and nurturing relationships, so we assign you your own personal adviser right from the get-go. No more speaking to different people (or even a robot!) every time you have a question.

Free appointments

We don't charge an upfront cost for booking an appointment with an adviser as it's part of our ongoing investment management fee of 0.35%, if you decide to invest with us. You can book an appointment at any time too. Whether you're unsure about the recommendation we've given you online, or you want to chat about the latest market movements, you can book an appointment with your dedicated adviser in your online portal.

Annual review

We contact our customers on a yearly basis to make sure everything is going okay and that your circumstances haven’t changed. If they have changed, our advisers will work to change your investment plan to fit your new situation and help you reach your new goals. This is all part of our ongoing management fee too!

If you are interested in receiving financial advice from OpenMoney, simply click 'Get Started' and take our financial health check. Our support and advice team will be on hand Monday - Friday 9am - 8pam and Saturday 9am – 1:30pm to help.

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