We launched our You Only Pay Once (#YOPO) campaign to tackle Buy Now Pay Later schemes and promote the positive mindset that comes with only paying once. We want to help consumers feel empowered to make more informed decisions about what's being described as ‘gateway debt.

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Let's get straight to the facts...

What is Buy Now Pay Later?

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) schemes are becoming a popular form of payment online. Rather than pay the upfront cost for an online purchase, you can choose to spread the cost over a few weeks/months or delay the full payment until a later date. With the help of social media, brands and influencers are encouraging increasing usage of providers like Klarna, Clearpay, Laybuy and Afterpay.​

How does Buy Now Pay Later have an impact?

  • Encouraging unnecessary spending: our research found that 33% of consumers tackle boredom with purchases they cannot afford through these providers
  • A form of ‘gateway’ debt: a massive 81% are concerned their online spending could lead to long-term debt in the near future
  • Long-term effects on mental health: 62% said being in debt negatively affects their mental health
  • Under the influence: 21% were tempted into it by social media advertising and reality TV influencers, with women being the primary target audience

*Source: Buy Now Pay Later, OpenMoney and LM research. Total sample size was 2,000 UK adults.

Our research found 🔎

*Source: Buy Now Pay Later, OpenMoney and LM research. Total sample size was 2,000 UK adults.

How does this feel in the real world?

Source: Social media listening from October 2019 - Oct 2020 - covering 70k posts by 36k unique authors.

What is our #YOPO campaign? 🤔

Encourage the #YOPO mindset

We launched our #YOPO campaign to encourage online shoppers to ‘only pay once’ by only buying items they can afford to pay for upfront.

We know that waiting a little longer for something you want isn’t quite as exciting, but the peace of mind that comes with only paying once isn’t something to be sniffed at. Our research learned that 46% of shoppers would feel less anxious if they only bought things they could afford.

Tackling the source of the problem

We know that there’s more that needs to be done than just changing shoppers mindsets, we want to tackle the source. There is not enough protection and clarity for consumers surrounding these providers.

Our YOPO campaign highlighted the dangers of using Buy Now Pay Later schemes and the urgent need for regulation. Whilst we’re delighted that these schemes are soon to be regulated, we feel more needs to be done to tackle the core of the problem – proper financial advice.

Campaigning for better

Take a look at where we've been shouting about our #YOPO campaign. From newspapers to social media influencers, we've been fighting on all fronts to regulate the BNPL industry.

Research 🕵️

We kicked off our campaign by conducting research to uncover the impacts of BNPL on real people. 94% of people said that debt negatively impacted their mental health.

Social buzz 🐝

We worked with campaigner Alice Tapper and influencers Sophie Edwards and Tabitha Warley to amplify the #YOPO message on social media and to create a conversation with the people BNPL is affecting the most.

In the news 🗞

Our Co-founder, Anthony Morrow, spoke to the press about the dangers of BNPL services and how they promote the use of debt products. We featured in The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and many more.

Billboards 🏙

We placed two billboards in Manchester city centre to get the message out on the dangers of BNPL to as many people a we could.

How do we move forward?


Raise awareness

Both among consumers and brands, we want to raise awareness of the potential dangers of BNPL schemes, encourage the #YOPO mindset and give you the power and knowledge to protect yourself.


Strengthen consumer credit law

We’ve reach out to MPs to gain support for strengthening consumer credit law and aligning the law with regulation.


Bring forward ‘Breathing Space’ 

We urge the government to bring forward this initiative, due to be implemented in 2021, which will freeze interest, fees and enforcement for 60 days allowing people in problem debt to receive professional advice.


Our co-founder Anthony Morrow introduces our #YOPO campaign to raise awareness and challenge regulation on Buy Now Pay Later schemes. ​

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