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Meet the team who are making financial advice accessible and affordable for everyone.

How it all began

The problem

There are millions of people across Britain who would benefit from financial advice but can’t afford or access it. As a result, many of these people get caught in financial cycles that they struggle to get out of. We’re here to help these people.

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Our solution

We're here to make sure that everyone who wants access to financial advice can get it. We do this by combining sophisticated technology with real people to provide personalised financial advice and help people reach their financial goals.

Streamlined & efficient

We are a hungry, bright and enthusiastic tech company who have stripped away traditional costs to fulfill our mission of offering financial advice to everyone.

Overheads nailed

We manage our own costs down to a 't', so we can keep our costs low for our customers too.

We invest in technology

Any money we make is invested back into our people, new technology and our processes to make what we offer even better.

Meet the founders

Anthony and Duncan have a huge amount of experience in the financial sector, but more importantly, they have been firm friends for over 15 years.


Duncan co-founded price comparison site MoneySuperMarket, which forever changed the way people went about finding the best deal on insurance and other financial products. He’s now taken that desire to simplify the complex world of money and applied it to the financial advice industry.


Working as a consultant for such financial giants as KPMG and Deloitte gave Anthony a broad view of the industry landscape before co-founding Tatton Asset Management plc (formerly Paradigm Group). All this experience helped him identify the ‘advice gap’, which OpenMoney is here to close.

Help someone build a better financial future

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