There’s lots of things you wouldn’t do without expert help. Why should consolidating your pensions be one of them? We’ll review your current pensions for free and tell you if it’s in your best interests to transfer to us. Honest advice from the experts.

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Why get pension advice?

Transfering a pension without getting financial advice could impact your savings

How it works

1. Answer a few questions


To get started we’ll ask you some simple questions about your current financial situation, long-term financial goals and current pension products.

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2. Personalised advice


We contact your providers to learn about your current pension product, then give you personalised advice on whether it’s in your best interests to consolidate your pensions with us.

Pension consolidation: Why you should consider it >

3. The choice is yours


There’s no obligation to act on our advice, the choice is yours whether you want to move your pension to OpenMoney. You can speak to your dedicated financial adviser if you want to talk it through. If you switch, we’ll manage the whole process for you.

What's included in your transfer report? >

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Expert financial advice

Get the help & support you need to reach your financial goals

You’ll have a dedicated financial adviser to discuss your options

Speak to your adviser for free whenever you like, all included in our ongoing management fee

We’ll review your circumstances annually to help you keep on track with your goals

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Affordable & accessible

Our low annual fees mean you can invest more of your money

Low annual fees of 0.49% - that's 49p for every £100 you invest.

Our initial advice is free and you only pay our annual fee if you transfer to us.

Track your performance 24/7 with the OpenMoney app.

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Hassle-free investing

Fully managed investments by a team of industry experts

We'll match you to the right products and portfolio based on your goals.

We rebalance our portfolios periodically to keep your investments on track.

Our portfolios are diversified globally to help spread risk.

Our portfolios contain

Find out if transferring your pensions to OpenMoney is right for you.

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Data and security

We're serious about security and we understand the importance of keeping your data safe.

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Friendly and expert support

Live webchat

Our fully trained webchat team are available Monday to Friday, from 9am - 8pm and Saturday, 9am - 1:30pm to answer
any of your questions.

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To discuss anything OpenMoney with a member of the team, give us a call Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.

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