There’s lots of things you wouldn’t do without expert help. Why should consolidating your pensions be one of them? We’ll review your current pensions for free and tell you if it’s in your best interests to transfer to us. Honest advice from the experts.

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Why get pension advice?

  • Transfering a pension without getting financial advice could impact your savings
  • You may lose out on pension benefits, be charged exit fees or transfer to a more expensive provider without advice.
  • We'll tell you if you can save money on your pension fees and the impact this has on reaching your financial goals.
  • Our ongoing advice will keep you on-track with your retirement goals.
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How it works

The transfer review process can take a few weeks to complete. But don’t worry, we do all the hard work for you and keep you informed throughout.

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Our portfolios contain:

Ongoing advice and support

All customers have access to qualified advisers at any time, so if your circumstances change we can review whether your investment plan is still suitable for you.

You also receive a free annual investment review to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Advisers available to talk 5 days a week at no extra charge.

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