Money management made easy

Our app can help you keep track of your spending, set savings and debt goals, and it will give you expert advice on your finances.

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The OpenMoney app

Here’s some of the handy features in our app:

Set savings goals and budgets

Connect all your bank accounts

View all of your transactions

Take our financial health check

Manage it.

Help pay off debt and reduce your spending using our in-apps tools:

  • Reduce your debt

    The debt tool helps you to set goals to reduce the amount you pay in interest, meaning you could clear your debts quicker.

    Budgeting tool

    Set how much you want to spend per category and stay on track with monthly limits and notifications.

Save it.

Use our smart tools to help build up your savings and reduce spend on everyday items.

Data and security

We're serious about security and we understand the importance of keeping your data safe.

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