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Our qualified financial advisers review your investments for free, so you’ll know if transferring to us is your best next step.

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Our transfer service

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Compare and review

Your report compares the value, performance and charges of your investments to what they’d be with OpenMoney.

Easy and simple

Our transfer process is as easy as it gets. Answer a few questions about your finances, we give you advice and your free report.

No obligation

There’s no obligation to transfer to us, our financial advisers make no commission on transfers to OpenMoney.

How our review works

Our advisers review your ISAs and pensions, so you only transfer to OpenMoney if it’s right for you.

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How our advisers help you

Analysis and comparison

Our advisers analyse the past performance of your investments, and show you the comparison to how they would’ve performed with us.

No obligation

Our advisers don’t get paid any commission on transfers and you’re under no obligation to transfer to us after you receive our advice.

Review of your current investment

Your review includes the benefits of your current investment, and any penalties that you'd have to pay if you transferred to us.

Planning and Goals

Our advisers can help align your investments to your long-term goals, to see if you’re on track.

Our advisers review your investments and pensions, so you only transfer if it’s right for you

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