How to buy your first home

5. Getting free homebuying advice

Getting free homebuying advice

Getting advice is a step that is often overlooked. There are risks involved to owning a home with a mortgage so we think it’s important to provide you with advice specific to you and your circumstances.

At the end of your Home application, we’ll recommend what insurances you should take out and suggest a provider. This recommendation is tailored to you, so that should anything unexpected happen you can still afford to pay for your home. You don’t need to accept any of the insurances we recommend, we just want to make sure you have the options available to buy your home and stay in it, no matter what happens.

If you’re happy with our recommendations, you can sit back and let us do the work. You can confirm everything online and we’ll handle all the paperwork with the lenders and providers. If you do want to check through any documents, you can access them all in the document store in your portal.

If you have any questions about our recommendation, you can book to speak to an adviser. There’s no pressure to accept our recommendation and we’ll be happy to amend our recommendation to suit you.


There are lots of different components that go into getting your mortgage approved and part of that is a valuation. A valuation is a survey a lender carries out to check your home is worth its value. There are also other surveys that can be carried out if you want more information about the home you’re buying. 

We’ve teamed up with survey specialists Optimus, who can talk you through the surveying process and answer any questions you have. The survey is completely optional, but if you would like one, you can reach out to us on webchat to book. For any other surveying questions, we’ll also be on hand to advise you on the next steps and keep your mortgage application moving forwards.