How to buy your first home

4. Finding a solicitor

Finding a solicitor

A solicitor takes care of all the legal work that goes into buying your first home. This includes reviewing your mortgage offer, reviewing the contract between the seller and you, and arranging for you to pay your deposit. For these reasons, we can’t stress enough how important solicitors are when buying your home. You can read more about what a solicitor does, and why they are essential, here.

We recommend O'Neill Patient to carry out your legal work, as they’re the 2nd largest solicitor firm in the UK and are well known for putting their customers first.

We do not receive any commission at all for recommending O'Neill Patient and it’s completely your choice whether you decide to use them. We recommend them based on their solid past performance, great customer service and their app which keeps you updated on any changes to your application. If you’ve got another solicitor in mind, we are more than happy to work with them too!

We’ll ask if you already have a solicitor in the property section of your Home application. If you don’t have a solicitor already lined up, we’ll give you a quote for O’Neill Patient when you accept our mortgage recommendation. If you’d like a quote before our recommendation, please request one through our webchat and our team will be happy to provide one.