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Will OpenMoney pass on my data to any third parties?

We will never sell your data onto third parties. We do provide your data to third parties with whom we have a legal relationship with. This is to enable us to provide the OpenMoney service to you. For example, if you invest with us, your data will be shared with our administrator, Quai Digital and our product provider Gaudi Regulated Services Ltd. More information is available in our data protection policy and in our T&Cs.

What data do OpenMoney collect?

Our privacy policy provides more information on what data we collect and how it’s used.

This policy details how we’re compliant with privacy and data protection regulation and legislation such as the GDPR.

How long will OpenMoney keep my information for?

This depends on the type of information you provide us with. If you receive financial advice from us, we are required by the FCA to retain your information for 5 years after you stop being an OpenMoney customer. This FCA requirement supersedes the GDPR right to deletion. If you would like to put in a request to have your data removed, please get in touch with our support team.

How do OpenMoney secure my personal data?

The protection and security of your personal data is critical to us. Your personal data is stored using 256 bit SSL encryption – the same level as most banks. We only share your data with people we have legal relationships with, and this is only to facilitate your investment or receive the information we need for you to use the app. More information can be found in our privacy policy.