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What is the OpenMoney app?

Our app is a tool for managing your day-to-day finances. You can link credit cards, pensions, current accounts and investments. The analysis tool categorises and displays your expenditure as a detailed snapshot. Other features include setting budgets and saving goals to help you achieve financial stability.

We recommend downloading our app to those who are not in a good financial position to invest. Our invested customers can use the existing features and monitor the performance of their OpenMoney plan.

Our app also provides comparison tools to compare your existing mobile, broadband and utility bills to help you find the perfect deal.

Can I open a product with OpenMoney via the app?

Our app is available for customers who wish to use the money management features. If you’re looking to open a product with us, please make your way down our advice route here.

I’m an existing customer, do I need to use the app?

Using our app is entirely up to you, it’s an additional feature available for our customers who are invested in one of our products; S&S ISA, Pension or GIA. Simply log into your OpenMoney account via our app to monitor your investments.

If you don’t hold any investments with us, then you can still utilise the tools for free. To do so, at least one external account must be linked to the app as these tools can only function once transaction data has loaded.

How secure is the OpenMoney app?

Our app uses bank-level encryption technology to keep your data anonymous and your log in credentials are never saved. Our app has read only permissions, so no payments or changes can be made to any of your personal data. Once a link with a provider is established, it's valid for a certain period before the link expires. Please note that your data is never sold to third parties.

Can I make payments from the app?

Currently you cannot make payments between accounts via our app. However, our customers will soon be able to top up their OpenMoney investments via the app once we release this feature.

How do I remove my data from the OpenMoney app?

Any linked accounts eventually expire after a certain period. You can manually remove your linked accounts via our app by entering the Manage Accounts section and selecting ‘Unlink Provider’.

If you would like to close your account and remove your personal details, then please get in touch with support and we’ll process your request.

Is the OpenMoney app free?

Yes, the OpenMoney app is free to download and use.

Can I use the app if I don’t have a goal?

You don’t need a goal to benefit from using the OpenMoney app. With our app, you get a clear overview of all your linked accounts and you can set budgets to help monitor your expenditure.

What do you do with my data?

We use bank-level encryption throughout our app and when we transfer read-only data from your provider, your bank login details aren’t stored on our system. We don’t share your app data with any third parties.