Why we are different to your traditional mortgage broker

As you start the process of buying your first home, you’ll find there are lots of ways to secure your mortgage, so here is a summary of your options and what we can offer.

Just like a traditional mortgage broker, we’ll find out about your circumstances and search thousands of mortgages, across a number of lenders, to find the deal that suits you. We’ve taken what a mortgage broker would offer you in person, and built on that to create a more fair, transparent and complete home-buying service. Here is how we’re different:

1) Our advice goes above and beyond

You might be thinking, what is “advice”? And what does “above and beyond” even mean?

Home-buying is complicated. It can feel like there’s thousands of different directions that you could go about getting a mortgage, which can be overwhelming. We advise you which kind of mortgage, interest rate, and additional products would be best for you after we’ve learnt about you and your circumstances. We make sure that you have everything you need to buy a new home. Instead of wondering ‘what do I do next?’, we’ve got you covered.

Instead of just showing you your options, we’ll recommend the best option for you specifically like a mortgage adviser would do in real life. This is what we mean by “advice”.

We want to know about your plans for the future and what you want in a mortgage, and we’ll work around you to recommend the best mortgage for you. Although our advice is online, we’re here to speak to at anytime if you’re unsure at any point.  Above and beyond.

2) How we get paid

All mortgage brokers (including us) get paid a commission by the mortgage lender. The difference is, our mortgage advisers do not get paid on commission, so they have no incentive to offer you a certain mortgage, unlike brokers whose income depends on commission. Some brokers also charge a flat fee to the buyer for their service, unlike us!

3) We’re all online

With a traditional mortgage broker, you’ll need to book an appointment, which might mean taking time off work. Our service is all online. You can get your full homebuying recommendation and thorough advice without having to speak to anyone over the phone – but we’re here if you would like to. The choice is yours.

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