Three things we've learned since we launched

The OpenMoney team

May 8, 2020

We recently celebrated the OpenMoney family’s third birthday! As well as sharing a toast (via video call), we took the chance to reflect on the last three years and what we have learned along the way.

Customer service is key

Since we launched back in 2017 we’ve seen how much our customers value the ability to speak to us about any financial issue, at no extra cost. As a result we will be introducing all of our customers, current and new, to their own personal support specialist and financial adviser here at OpenMoney. We know that a friendly face and expert voice can give reassurance as and when needed. Your dedicated adviser will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have and help with any issues, as well as keeping you up to speed regarding any new services or features that we’re launching. To make sure you can make the most of this,we’re extending our support and advice hours to include weekends!

Your Feedback makes a difference

Earlier this year we launched our new app and whilst we were happy with it, we’re firm believers that there is always room for improvement. So, we turned to your reviews to find the gaps and make a few tweaks. Since then we have joined forces with Moneyhub which means that our customers will benefit from a wider range of provider integrations, faster transaction refresh times and accurate spending categorisation while continuing to receive our expert advice on their finances. As well as this, we are also making further improvements to the app including savings and budgeting tips, and our partnership with Uswitch will be expanding later in the year. When our customers speak, we listen. We’ve also invested in user research and we will keep using the feedback we receive to make ours the very best possible service for you.

The financial advice gap still exists

Back in August of last year we released a report that we complied with YouGov on the financial advice gap in the UK. We found that 19.8 million people* across the UK would appreciate a bit of financial advice, but not everyone knows how to get it or that it’s even an option for them. This financial advice gap report, which can be downloaded for free, was put together off the back of a 2015 study by Citizens Advice[1].They identified the four types of advice gap: the affordable advice gap, the free advice gap, the awareness and referral advice gap and the preventative advice gap, and we were interested to see if much had changed in four years.

Our findings showed that a great deal had changed in that time, such as an increase of over 5 million people* who would benefit from financial advice but are not aware of public financial guidance. As we are trying to bridge the advice gap in the UK, we didn’t want to wait another four years to re-evaluate and so we have decided to make this an annual report with the help of YouGov. Our 2020 report will be released later this year, so watch this space!

*Where figures like this are shown, OpenMoney has extrapolated the YouGov findings from our sample to represent GB population estimate of 50,644,094 (source ONS, June 2018).


[1] Citizens Advice