How to Stay connected this winter

Thomas Potter - Senior Marketing Co-ordinator

December 19, 2020

Christmas is a time for connection. Catching up with old friends and family members you haven’t seen since last year is all part of the festive fun. This year, as with everything else, Christmas is going to be different from the norm.  

Connecting with your nearest & dearest doesn’t need to fall by the wayside because of the current Coronavirus situation, so we thought we’d share our top tips for staying connected this festive period.

Video Calling

The use of video calling software sky-rocketed at the beginning of lockdown and provided that much-needed social contact for millions in the UK. Most smartphones and most social media platforms come with group video calling software now, so access to these services is pretty straightforward. If you have a few technophobes in the family, there are plenty of Youtube tutorials – like this one for Facetime and this one for Facebook messenger - on how to user the different platforms.

If you want to take your video calling to the next level, there are services like Portal TV by Facebook that turn your TV into a video call, making it feel like your friends and family are in the room with you! They come at a cost, but it may be worth its weight in gold this Christmas.  

Virtual Games Night

Nothing says Christmas like an overly competitive game of Monopoly or Uno with family or friends. If you usually have a games night get-together over the festive period, why not organise a virtual games night and host it over video call. Each household can each nominate a game to be played and if you want to make it competitive, the team who wins the most games wins a prize!

Games can be anything from quizzes, bingo to charades. People have been getting very creative in lockdown and there are plenty of other fun ideas. Quizzes not your thing? Don’t worry, there are companies like Evenchilada that have run online events such as Murder Mystery and Comedy Nights.  

The good ol’ days

We live in an age where the majority of our communications are now instant and online. But connecting with people is much more than a few quick messages. You could try writing a letter to friends and family to catch up with them instead of your usual festive cards. Maybe you can share a few things that have helped you get through this year, whether that’s your favourite recipe, a new tv show you can’t stop watching or a hobby you’ve picked up. You might even want to include a photo of you or what you’ve been up to if you haven’t seen them in a while. As they saying goes “It’s the thought that counts”.  

Social Media

Christmas can be difficult for those spending it alone, or in situations that are less than ideal. With that in mind, Comedienne Sarah Millican, hosts an annual #joinin session on Twitter. Anyone struggling can send a tweet, using the hashtag and connect with others in a safe way. It's a great way to feel connected to others and enjoy some entertaining conversations.

That’s all of our tips for staying connected with loved ones with festive period. We’d love to hear what you’re doing to keep in touch with friends and family, so drop us a message over on Twitter.


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