A festive glance at our year

Natasha Lainsbury - CRM Executive

December 12, 2020

‘Twas the night before lockdown, OpenMoney reassessed 
Trying to work out how we could work best,  
2020, the year that things changed,
Our goal for our customers though, that stayed the same  

We left the office and set up from home,
Setting up desks and workspaces of our own,
Meetings sometimes joined by children and pets,  
This is as together as 2020 gets!

We teamed with Tastecard and Bury AFC 
And gave away dinners and shirts for free 
We lowered our fees, now under 0.5 percent,
A saving we made, straight to our customers it went,  

The time had come for the 2nd Advice Gap report, 
But the results were worse than many had thought. 
Even before Corona reared its ugly head to the land, 
Our data showed the UK’s finances were definitely not in hand. 

We’ve made a promise to campaign for better, 
Asking Parliament for changes by sending MPs a letter. 
So please stick around and do watch this space,
Things need to change and we’re on the case.  

We stepped up to the challenge, our team came together, 
Zoom calls are fun but we hope not forever, 
Some things so important, that we shouldn’t lose sight,  

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a goodnight!  

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