How we're different to other online mortgage brokers

We're not the first online mortgage broker, but we are different to the rest! Here are four ways we differ from the others...

We can’t pretend that we’re the first, or only, free online mortgage broker so you may come across similar services to ours when you’re researching how to get going with buying your first home. Here’s some of the things that make us different to other online brokers.

1) We offer advice for all the steps of buying your first home, not just your first mortgage

OpenMoney offers a free, mortgage brokering service that gives regulated, personalised advice on every aspect of buying your first home, tailored to you and the home you want to buy. Making sure you feel prepared for every step of buying a home, we’ll help you build your deposit, find the right mortgage deal for you, and recommend insurances and solicitors. 

2) Our advice helps you take charge of your finances

We’ve built some pretty nifty tools into our home-buying service, which help you look at how your mortgage and insurance payments fit into your monthly budget, so you can look at what you can spend per month on your mortgage, how this affects what age you’ll be when it’s paid off, and how it fits into your monthly budget. 

3) We’ll help you buy your first home, and stay in it

Nobody likes to talk about insurance – and we know the word ‘insurance’ can induce some eye rolls. We want to make sure that once you’ve purchased your home, you can stay in it. This means giving you advice on what insurances to get to make sure if anything bad happens you can still afford your mortgage payments – there is only one type of insurance you have to have, so we’ll make that clear and you can decide what parts of our recommendation you’d like to take out.

4) We’re extra convenient – no appointments necessary

Whilst there are a few online mortgage brokers now, most of them still require you to have an appointment before they’ll apply for your mortgage for you, either over the phone or through an online chat. Unless you have some really quirky circumstances, you won’t need to book an appointment with us. 

You can always book in a call with us if you would like to talk through your recommendation, or even if you would like some advice on building your deposit!

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