5 ways we're unique to other UK online mortgage brokers

OpenMoney UK offers free online mortgage advice for self-employed and employed customers. Read on to learn about our stress-free mortgage processes.

Last updated March 2023.

OpenMoney is rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot with dozens of 5-star reviews from real first-time buyer and remortgage customers. Here’s what makes us different to other UK online mortgage brokers.

1. We're a completely free online mortgage broker

Our online mortgage advice is completely free to you. This is because all mortgage brokers in the UK (including us) get paid commission by the mortgage lender - so you don't pay us, they do. Our mortgage advisers also don't get paid on commission, so they have no incentive to offer you a certain mortgage deal, unlike brokers whose income depends on commission. Some mortgager brokers also charge a flat fee to the buyer for their service but we don't do that.

2. We offer mortgage advice for all the steps of buying your home, not just the mortgage

Our free mortgage brokering service gives regulated, personalised advice on every aspect of buying your first home, tailored to you and the home you want to buy. Making sure you feel prepared for every step of buying a home, we’ll help you build your deposit, find the right mortgage deal for you, and recommend insurances and solicitors. It's an end-to-end mortgage process and our team make it as stress-free as possible so you can enjoy the journey.

3. We compare remortgage rates and deals

Whether you’re curious about new mortgage deals, the benefits of remortgaging, or if remortgaging is an option for you, our remortgage advisers will be happy to answer any questions and offer advice. All you need to do is complete our online remortgages process to tell us about your circumstances, and then we compare remortgage rates and deals for you. After that, we'll recommend the most suitable remortgage with repayments to match your budget. The hard work is done for you (fee-free) so you can feel confident you've received the best mortgage deal available. Plus, your remortgage adviser will be around to speak to if you have any questions throughout any point in the journey.

4. We advise on mortgage protections and insurances

Mortgage protections and insurances can be daunting, but not here. We want to make sure that once you’ve purchased or remortgaged your home, you're protected. This means giving you advice on what insurances you'll need to ensure if anything unexpected happens you can still afford your mortgage payments. Our mortgage advisers explain everything clearly and plainly so you can decide what insurance recommendations you’d like to take out.

5. Our mortgage advice helps you take charge of your finances

We’ve built some helpful tools into our home-buying service - including our mortgage calculator and mortgage borrowing tool - which helps you look at how your mortgage and insurance payments fit into your monthly budget. This will help you oversee how much you can spend per month on your mortgage, and how it affects your future finances including what age you’ll be once your mortgage is paid off.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up with repayments on your mortgage.

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