Team OpenMoney's Festive Fails

Binyamin Ghaffar - Digital Marketing Apprentice

December 8, 2020

With the festive period on the way, we know that sometimes not everything goes the way you planned it. With that in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to share some of our very own festive fails*, as well as some wise words of advice to stop you from making the same mistakes as us.

* Team members have been kept anonymous to prevent embarrassment!  

Always ‍measure the Christmas tree before you buy it.  

Looks can be deceiving! You may not realise it at first just by looking at it, but when measuring a tree, you may find that it’s bigger than you expected. One of our team members purchased a Christmas tree, however they found out a little-too-late that the Christmas tree they purchased was an impressive 8ft(+) tall. It’s slightly less impressive when you’re trying to squeeze said tree into a flat that’s under 7.5ft!  

Make sure that you have all ingredients before setting out to prepare a dish, especially if it’s last minute.  

We all know the feeling of watching something a recipe on YouTube and then instantly trying to recreate it. Although, the tutorial shown may seem quite simple, the ingredients however, may not be. Another of our unlucky team members followed the steps to create what they thought would be a simple meal, however when re-watching the video, he realised he was missing a few vital ingredients which would have made the meal extra special. Bearing in mind this was just a day before Christmas which meant most shops were closed!

Always work out the true cost of your homemade gifts.  

Have you ever been totally influenced by Pinterest and decided to make your own gifts? It’s a nice wholesome idea isn’t it? It is, until the costs rack up and you end up with very little to show for your efforts! One unnamed (and unorganised) teammate spent an extortionate amount on cute jam jars, ribbons, labels and ingredients to make their own festive jams, only to discover that fruit really does shrink (who knew?!), and she ended up with three teeny tiny pots of jam and a whole load of empty containers. She tried!

Check the gift beforehand.  

As much as we all love presents, it can be very disappointing to find out that the gift you received was missing something which means you weren’t able to use it on Christmas! A common, and relatable mistake is not buying batteries for children’s toys. One of our team members here at OpenMoney was gifted a pool table from their Dad when they were younger. With all the excitement building up, it turned out that it was missing the all-important white ball. There were a lot of grumpy kids who could look but not play!  

Keep track of who gives you gifts… and what they give you!

We’ve all been there – the unwanted gift that is just not to your taste. That’s ok, you smile and thank the gift-giver graciously and pop it in a cupboard to be re-gifted to someone in the future. Just make sure you don’t give the gift back to the same person who gave it to you. Mentioning no names, but an awkward conversation was had between one of the OpenMoney crew and their friend when she essentially gave the scarf she was given, back to the same person. No friendships were harmed in the making of this story, it’s now laughed about over dinner!

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