Valentine's in lockdown: Our creative and cost effective suggestions

Natasha Lainsbury: CRM Executive

February 12, 2021

Valentine’s in lockdown means one thing, time to get creative! The good thing about staying home is that it can be super low cost but extra personal. We’ve put together some suggestions on how to celebrate the day of love depending on you or your partner’s love language. If you’re not familiar with love languages, you can take this quiz here to find out yours!  

Valentine’s day is not all about romantic love, so whether you’re spending Valentines partnered, single, with your family or your friends, treat yourself and someone you love to something to brighten up this dismal Winter.  

Words of affirmation  

If your loved one appreciates words, then there are a few great gift ideas for this that all are low cost. There are a few different levels here, depending on how all-out-cheesy you fancy going. Of course, a card with thoughtful message is a sure-fire winner. If you’re a wordsmith how about a poem? After all, nothing says I love you like a Haiku. A cute trend we’ve seen on sites like Pinterest in recent years is to write some things you love about your partner on some nice coloured card, cut them out and pop them in a jar for them to read when they need a boost!

Acts of service

If acts of service mean a lot to your significant other, show them you love them by taking something off their plate. Whether that’s doing an extra load of washing or cancelling a subscription you know they’ve been meaning to sort, doing something this simple can take a lot of stress away. This is OpenMoney’s love language btw! Our bill-switching service is our way of making things a bit easier for you - we even handle the awkward break-up chat for you, you can read more about this here.  

Quality time

If you live with your partner you’ve probably spent a lot more time than usual together over the past year, but have you had much quality time? Dedicate some time to spend together, you could plan a games night; phones away and chat while you play your fave board games - probably best to avoid Monopoly though. As restaurants are closed, lots are offering at-home meal kits, treat your SO to one of these and have a restaurant meal at home. If you’re doing a virtual Valentine’s day you could do a virtual cook-along, play some conversational games or sync up your streaming service and watch a film together/apart.  

Receiving gifts

If your person’s love language is receiving gifts, time to get crafty. Pinterest has a load of make-yourself gifting ideas. While we’re all stuck at home without much to do, buying an activity you can do together is a fun option. At home pottery kits are all the rage at the moment, you can get some no-kiln clay online and recreate that famous ghost scene in your kitchen!  

Physical touch

If touch is what makes your partner feel loved you could create an at-home-spa. This is also a great way to pamper yourself this Valentine’s day, have a self-care day and treat yourself. Think face mask, bubble bath, shoulder massage. Don’t forget to play whale noises on Spotify and light a candle for ~ambience~.  

Whatever you’re up to, we hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day.  

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