OpenMoney's Christmas Crafternoon

Natasha Lainsbury: CRM Executive

December 16, 2020

Undeniably one of the best things about Christmas is the decorations! Some fairy lights twinkling over there, a touch of faux snow over here, decorating your home marks the start of the festive period for many.  

We love decorations of the homemade variety; unique, low in cost, memories made and let’s face it – something to pass the time whilst we’re all inside! Homemade tree ornaments add heaps of personality to your Christmas tree, we’ve put together a few of our favourites whether you’re a beginner or a crafting-connoisseur.  

Leftover lollipop sticks are your friend! Simply take some left-over lollipop sticks, or even foraged sticks for a rustic look, and create all sorts of designs for your tree. From father Christmas, to a sleigh with a photo in it, this blog post showcases lots of different options.  

If you’re feeling creative, air-dry clay allows you to create really great decorations without the need for a kiln – something not many of us have lying around! You can buy a reasonable sized bag online for under £10. Use cookie cutters to get your desired shape, let them dry and then paint your designs. Make sure you poke a hole in your creation when it’s soft, so that you can attach string or ribbon to hang onto your tree.  

If you like whipping up a treat in the kitchen, then these edible decorations are for you! We love this recipe by BBC good food, create a biscuit or gingerbread shape such as a star or Christmas tree and pop a clear boiled sweet inside, when it goes in the oven, the sweet will melt and create a stained glass window affect. This looks wonderful on your tree and can also be a great homemade gift, and of course, a delicious snack!  

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