How to support a charity this Christmas

Thomas Potter: Senior Marketing Co-Ordinator

December 23, 2020

Christmas is a time for giving and this year, even a small donation could make a huge difference to somebody’s life. If you are in the position of having a few quid knocking around, you could give a gift that will always be remembered this year.

At OpenMoney, our chosen charity for 2020 was Wood Street Mission, a charity dedicated to supporting and guiding local children who might not have the same chances as everyone else – children from low-income families. Wood Street help with everything from access to books, school uniforms, providing family basics and even Christmas gifts!

How we’ve helped

With the challenge of Coronavirus, our usual fundraising efforts were hampered, so we had to think outside the box. Throughout the year we ran fundraising events (virtual ones!) to help us raise money for Wood Street Mission. Here’s just a few of the things we’ve done to raise money this year…

·      A digital charity race night – we picked some wonderful and wacky races online and our staff members placed bets on who they think would win.

·      Pictionary– the classic party game, online and via video call – it’s a hectic and fun as it sounds!

·      Guess the weight – one of our team members welcomed a newborn into the world, so we all guessed the weight and time they were born.

·      Customer survey – for every customer who filled in our feedback survey, we donated £2 to charity.

In 2020 we raised £4,035, donated 80 toys for their Christmas efforts and we’ve been helping out with Wood Street’s annual Christmas shop too. Next year we’re going to go even bigger!

How you can help

Whether it’s Wood Street or any other charity you personally hold close to your heart, donating has never been easier. Most charities accept online donations through their website or you can donate through fundraising websites like Just Giving. Want to give throughout 2021? You could even set up a direct debit to donate monthly.

Want to give but can’t afford a donation? You can always donate something physical like some of your unloved clothes, furniture or books –every donation is welcome to charity. Many charities can arrange collections too, so give your chosen charity a call or drop them an email to see if they’re able to collect your donation.


Merry Christmas!
The OpenMoney Team

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